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Friday, 29 November 2013

It is not easy to rank your blog too much that our blog come to the 1st page of google. We have to strggle some what. SEO greatly effects your blog traffic.  (Read post to increasae Blog's Traffic) And Google page rank. When your blog page rank is high google will automatically put your blog into 1st page. It is all possible when we do some stuggle about the seo.In this post i will help you that how will your blog reaches to the 1st page of google search. Below are the tips just follow them and enjoy blogging.

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Ways to get your blog in 1st page Of Google Search:

1. High Quality Content:

Content is habitually king. One time time it was possible by conceiving gigantic backlinks but present time content is one of the large components that your content is value full or not. latest time Google panda penguin gives more significant on High value content.
Past time who are earn 500$ to 1000$, now they can’t do that. So you must understand the important of exclusive & value full content.
There are some directions and guideline for posting, it is great 100% exclusive content with 400-600 phrases /characters.

2. Keyword Density:

Keywords are so much important in yout blog ranking. They are the main pillars of your blog. So always keep Good Keywords in your blog. Numerous bloggers face deficiency for over optimization of his blog. They think, by keyword staffing or pursue other methods they can improve his blog in Google seek but it is untrue. By this way risk is larger than advantage. So you must follow keyword density directions.


Template Plays an important role in your blog traffic because you know that quote "First Impression Is the last Impression". By applying simple and friendly seo template Google will automatically boost your blog to the 1st pages. So always try to use simple and seo template.
 I recomend you the following template. TEMPLATE.

Writing Long Content:
Long content also effects the blog rank and it is the way to impress google in searching your blog. Your one post must have 700+ words for better results.

Commenting On Other Blogs:
Comments on the high quality blogs whose page rank are above 3 effects your blog rank and traffic. By commenting on the other blog whose have better seo and rank, make backlinks of your site of better quality and it helps to promote your blog in google indexation.

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