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Friday, 29 November 2013

Salam Friends, Today Adsense has become main source of making money for all bloggers due to its high paying. But google Adsense usully gives very low cpc, So we become sad, and we want high CPC. CPC and CTR are Inversly propotional to each other. As the CTR is decreased CPC is automatically increased. So the main thing is traffic. And today my in this i will you the high paying google adsense posts which are also very searchable and it will automatically increase your CPC.
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Here Are Top 5 High Paying Post Topics On which Google Adsense Highly Pays:

Make Money Online:

Making money online is very most searchable topic of 2013 or all the time. Every people Now a days want to earn so much money. So People search on google for topic of making money online. And Google pays so much on that posts. The CPC is almost about above 10$ or related to it.


Health is also searchable post of all the time. Most of people search about the health. e.g Medical students.
So the google adsense pays high on the health.

Blogging or SEO Tetorials:

Blogging and seo tetorials are also searchable posts of all the time. When a newbies Come to blogging so first they learn about the blogging and seo tetorials. SEO is also very important tetorial. Because Google Adsense provides high payment for the post.


Buisness is also very important topic now a days. Because a lot of  people are going to the Buisness field. And it is also very searchable post. So Also google adsense pays high on the buisness.

Digital PhotoGraphy:

Digital Photography is also very interesting and demanding in the online marketing.You can write on this with the different topics whichs makes high PPC. There are several topics on which you can write with the more and wide information. Write on certificate, digital photography education, Careers in photography and digital photography schools.


Insurance is also most high paying post now a days. Most of the companies are giving insurance to the people. So people seach for it. And also it is most profitable post of era.

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